Friday, November 23, 2007


So i wanted to go back to Ireland and stay their, but for some odd reason i never actually got down to it. I really felt that the Lord wanted me to go abroad for Him and to work for Him, and i always kept saying 'SHOW ME'. I always wanted Him to give me a sign what He wants me to do.
As i was watching God Channel i saw that they were planning a trip to Jerusalem in May and i said to myself that's it their He wants me to go, so as usual i started rushing things and i emailed Rory and Wendy who are organizing this trip, they contacted me back with information and all. But still i wasn't satisfied with that. And i asked Him again, and i didn't feel if was right for me to go to Jerusalem.
Now Anabelle has been speaking to me about Brazil, though i never really took note about it. Around a week ago i felt that i should go give a helping hand to the poos, sick and needy. I said that's it, i called the priest who is organizing it to speak to him, and before i went i went to pray about it and went. He put pressure on me by asking me shall i book you shall i not, i told him YES ( the famous YES ) hehe.
When i got home my mum freaking out giving me the whole parent talk and stuff. But I'm glad i said yes and I'm glad I'm going to be doing this experience, i hope its the right choice for me to take and i really wish that God will use me and Anabelle in a mighty way =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Life As I See It =)

If their is one thing i realised is always walk in the light with God, I think us humans are a single glove. A glove on its own is useless, it cannot grab anything, it needs a hand to be useful. When the glove is worn it can do anything, because of the power of the hand. I feel that as humans we are nothing without the Holy Spirit, were just an image, but when the Holy Spirit enters our life, we start to understand and to see things more and more.
You can see how strong Christianity is because when you are trying to lead that life and follow Jesus, notice how many times you get thrown off your path and how many temptations come in your mind, the one down their does not bother with peopl who are weak and who are not leading a proper life, because their the easy ones. The reason why im saying this is because sometimes we forget the importance of being a Christian, we sometimes forget our duties. We have to be strong enough and eliminate this evil from our lifes and for the generations yet to come.
I am so greatfull to God for every little thing that He has put in my life and i am really happy for the simple things around me as the most simple are the most complex. I thank God for putting me in this position which i would have never dreamt i would be in, i thank Him for my wonderfull friends and all the support He has been giving me so far.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Youth Weekend

Yes i know i abbandoned my blog hehe sorry guys, though ill try my best to keep it running smooth hehe .....

OMG OMG hehe was something not to be forgoton, im so glad i came and got to know more of you even better. Hekk i really feel that God touched each and every one of us on the weekend. It was the first time i felt that without you guys im nothing, i feel that we are gathered logs and together we make one huge flame cause we pass on the flame to eachother, let us not loose this flame, and no matter were we are we carry this fleme with us =)
I really enjoyed spending every minute with you all and a big thank you goes out to the worship team, Pedro, filming crew nd everyone who came.
We serve an AMAZING GOD!!!!

Anyways i got to get back to work, GBU all and if anyone needs me u know were to find me ;)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life in General

Im ecstatic about my life at the moment especially cause ive been passing through alot of changes were i have to be mature enough nd make my own decisions and if i mess up in my decisions i only have myself to blame for it. I always push myself to try be as perfect as could be thats my main goal in life i guess apart from travelling the world hehe.
Though their is only one perfection in my life and thats God, He has showed me the way and pulled me out of troubles in life, He gave me new friends that are always their for me and help me through no matter wat, and even when i have doubts He always shows me the right track yet again altough i might take things against Him.